Week Beginning: Monday 23rd March 2020

Mr Green reads: ‘THE GOLDFISH BOY’: Preview, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8
Share your thoughts on The Goldfish Boy so far by using this Padlet.
Why don’t you share your book recommendations and tell your teachers what you have been reading here.

Monday: Good Morning!

  • English:Here is a link to a really quick reading activity. The text should take you about a minute to read and there are some questions for you to answer as well. I don’t really know why there are dogs next to the questions. There are answers for you to check how well you’ve done too. If you take a picture of the work you have done for this and upload it to Dropbox then that would be amazing!
    Over the next few days, I want you to think about our big question: Should pollution matter to everyone? You are going to be writing a persuasive speech and hopefully you can perform it and upload it to DropBox for your teacher’s to see. What I want you to do today is look at some examples of persuasive speeches and write down what you notice about them. Think about the features of persuasive writing that we looked at in school. How many of those features can you find in these videos (video 1, video 2, video 3)? Take a picture of what you have done and upload it to Dropbox for your teacher to see!

Tuesday: Good Morning!

  • English: There’s another really quick reading activity for you today. If you follow this link you should be able to find it. Once again it should take 60 seconds to read and, once again, the dogs are back! It’s barking really!
    Also, look at the video links from yesterday. Can you pick out any vocabulary that you like, explain why you like it and identify how you might improve it? Post a picture of your suggestions. It doesn’t have to follow the example of this sheet, but can do if that helps you.
  • Maths: Your 5-a-day activity can be found here. There’s also a times tables activity here. Today you are going to be solving problems involving fractions of amounts. Here is a PowerPoint explaining how to solve problems and Mr Green made a video explaining how to find fractions of amounts and here he explains how to apply this to solving problems. The activity sheet is here and the answers are included. The one star problems are not as challenging as the two star problems and the three star problems are even harder still!

Wednesday: Morning!

  • English: Today you are going to find out about an ancient discovery. The text and answers can be found here. While you are reading this text, can you think of anything we have learnt about in Year 5 which reminds you of this? After you’ve answered the questions, write a short paragraph to say how the text is similar to what we have learned about, and how it is different. I can’t wait to see what you have thought of!
    Also, I would like you to start thinking about your answer to our big question: Should pollution matter to everyone? Today, I want you to talk to the people in your house about this question and start coming up with some ideas on both sides of the argument. I know it will be tricky thinking of the opposite side of the argument to what you think but it’s an important skill. You can use this sheet to help give you some ideas about how this might look. Don’t forget to think about our project values when you are coming up with your answer. In case you can’t remember, these were stewardship, common good, choices and consequences.
  • Maths: More fractions today! Make sure you start with 5-a-day and times tables. Today you’re going to be problem solving. Miss Greaves has made a PowerPoint guiding you through the lesson. There’s a video here explaining how to find fractions of amounts and Mr Green explains it too. He also shows you how to solve problems here. When you’re answering these questions, make sure that you read the question carefully and work out what the question is asking you to do.

Thursday: Greeting

  • English: Today’s quick reading activity can be found here. I hope you’re enjoying learning about Ancient Greece this week. Can you work out where the Ancient Greeks came in history relative to the Ancient Egyptians? Write down what you think after you’ve answered these quick questions.
    Today, I also want you to start planning your speech. It should have an introduction, three reasons to support your argument and a final section to conclude your argument. You can use this sheet to help you set it out, if you like.

Friday: SHOUT OUTS (featuring a special guest appearance from Molly the cat)

  • English: Because it’s Friday, I think you can put your skills to the test today! Here is a link to a full reading comprehension. It’s about fidget spinners. Does anyone remember fidget spinners? At one point I hated them, but they seem to have disappeared since then. Now, for these questions, there are three different types of questions. At the bottom of the page is either one, two or three stars. I usually set the three star work in class. The two star work is a bit easier, if you’re really struggling with the three star one. The answers are attached to the file as well.
    Today you are going to write your persuasive speech. You don’t have to write it all today because you can carry on writing it on Monday if you like. I would have thought that you could have written your introduction and first two paragraphs today! Mr Green has written an example and filmed himself reading it so that you can see what sort of thing we are expecting. Don’t forget the list of features to help you remember what to include! Don’t forget to keep your handwriting neat so that I can read it!
  • Maths: Today is the final day that we’ll be learning exclusively about fractions! To round off all of the work we have done, I would like you to do an end of unit assessment to see if you can remember everything that we have done. Start with 5-a-day and times tables as usual. Then, have a look at this knowledge organiser which reminds you of the learning we have done in this unit. Put your learning to the test by doing these two tests. Test A and Test B shouldn’t take you too long. Here are the answers to Test A and Test B

Week long activities:

  • Science: This week we would have been looking at materials and their properties. Here is the link to a lesson on soluble materials. Read the instructions and complete the activity if you can. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all of the materials. You can replace them easily with other things. There is also a lesson on separating a solution here. Read the information and instructions for the investigation. Don’t worry if you haven’t got salt because you can use sugar or instant coffee instead! Show me what you have done by writing the second page into your book. I will be really impressed if you can draw a graph to show me your results too. Mr Green explains the science here.


  • Spelling: Your Spellings for this week can be found by following this link. Can you write a sentence with each of spellings in for this week? Spellings for Miss Clarke’s group can be found by following this link. You can also do some grammar activities by following these links (easier and harder). At the end of the week there is a test you can do here to see what you can remember.


  • Project: Before school closed, we were planning to go to The Clean Kilo in Bournville. This shop doesn’t use any single-use plastic and re-uses a lot of containers to make sure that they produce as little waste as possible. We were planning to make a cake using as little waste as possible. The first thing we would like you to do this week is to research your cake. It doesn’t matter what type of cake you research but there are some ideas for really simple cakes here and here. What ingredients do you need to bake a cake? Can you get hold of these ingredients without wasting anything?
    If you are able to, and it is safe for you to go out, can you get the ingredients for your cake without wasting anything? You could try to remember the way to The Clean Kilo from our map skills lesson, or you could go to the supermarket. Don’t worry if you can’t get any ingredients. You can always do this when it is safe for you to go out in a couple of weeks.
    If you can’t get the ingredients, why not design some packaging for your cake? This will have to be really exciting and attractive so that people will want to buy it. You can use this sheet to help you design it.
    If you wanted to find out more information about zero waste shops, there are some videos here and here that you can use to help. For another activity, you could (if you wanted) research zero waste shops and write a fact file or some paragraphs about what they are and what they do.
    I can’t wait to see your cakes on Dropbox when you have finished!