Week Beginning: Monday 23rd March 2020


  • English

Starter Activity:

Try this great game where you need to find nouns, adjectives or verbs to help you launch the rocket.

Main Activity:

Watch this video clip about the Easter Story to remind you about what Christians believe happened in the build up to and during Easter.

Now have a go at this comprehension:

You will see that there are 3 choices of story and questions.  At the bottom of each story and questions there are stars.

One star is the bronze level, two stars are the silver level and three stars are the gold level.  Choose which level you would like to work at.  Write the answers in your books.

  • Maths

Five a day:

In your books, can you write down the names of five 2D shapes, draw them and write a sentence to describe them using the words straight, curved and vertices (corners)

e.g. a Triangle has 3 straight sides, 0 curved sides and 3 vertices.

Timestables activity:

Use this game to see how quickly you can work out the answers to the multiplication questions – you can choose whether you practise your 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 times table.  Good luck!!

Main Activity:

Aim: To recognise pounds and pence.

First, see what coins and notes you can find at home

(ask your adult BEFORE you rummage in their purse or wallet!! )

Which coins or notes do you recognise?

Next, have a look at this powerpoint to help you practise adding amounts of money in pounds and pence

Finally have a go at working out how much money is in each box using this activity:

(you can record your answers in your book)


  • English

Starter Activity:

Forwards, backwards, forwards.

Write each of your spelling words from this week in your book just like this:

action            noitca            action

(forwards – backwards – forwards)

Main Activity:

Have a look at these two pictures:

What can you see?  Who are the people in the picture?  What’s happening?

Choose one of the pictures and describe what is happening in your book.

Bronze: write a list of all the things you can see in the picture.

Silver: Write a paragraph about what you can see happening in the picture.

Gold: Write a paragraph about what’s happening, explain why it’s happening and try to link this to what we know about Christian’s beliefs.

  • Maths

Five a day:

In your books, can you write down the five multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8. e.g. five multiples of 10 are 30, 60, 70, 20, 50

Timestables Activity: Have a go at the activities on this website to help you practise your 8 times table.

Main Activity:

Aim: To convert pounds and pence.

Today you could practise changing amounts of money in numbers and words from pounds to pence.  There are three ways you can record this:

e.g. £1.76 = 176p = One pound and seventy six pence.

Have a go at this activity and write your answers in your book.

Bronze – Choose and complete 5 challenge cards from the activity.

Silver – Choose and complete 8 challenge cards from the activity.

Gold – Choose and complete 12 challenge cards from the activity.


  • English

English Spelling Starter:

Write each of your spelling words in CAPITALS and then in lowercase.

English Main activity:

Watch this clip to remind you about the rules of using speech marks (inverted commas): click here

Choose two tasks from here to complete in your books.

  • Maths

Hello Year 3!  Start your Maths learning with a 5 a day

There is also a Times table game for you to play click here.

Main Maths activity:

Aim: To convert pounds and pence

Today’s activity will be very similar to your learning from yesterday.  As a recap, look at the PowerPoint first click here and then try to work through the main activities click here.  The activities become more challenging on each page and it follows our usual ‘Bronze, Silver etc.’, so just try to work through as much as you can.

Sometimes it helps to use real coins, so if you have any at home, use those to count and convert carefully.


  • English

English Spelling Starter:

Write a silly sentence using your spelling words.

Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.

CHALLENGE: Try writing at least ONE statement, commands, question and exclamation sentence.

English Main activity:

First, see if you can think of different words that could be used instead of said.  Record them in your book.

Bronze:5 words, Silver: 10 words, Gold: 15 words

Next, have a look at this picture:

It is a scene from the Easter story.

Think about what people in the crowd might say to each other about Jesus’ arrival.

Write a conversation between two people in the crowd.  If you need a reminder of how to use your speech marks, use this clip.

Don’t forget, start a NEW LINE every time someone new is talking.

  • Maths

Today your 5 a day activity will also be revising your fractions knowledge.  Click here to access your activity.

For today’s Times tables game, we are focusing on the 3 times table (again!) click here to play the ‘Happy Burger’ game.

Your main activity today is:

Aim: To add money

First watch the videoto recap how to add different coins.  Then click here for the teaching PowerPoint so that you can work through your main activities which can be found here.

Each sheet has a star * at the bottom; the more stars at the bottom of the sheet, the harder it is.  Please choose the one that you can do and write all of your answers into your book neatly.


  • English

Have a go at this game


You need to read the sentence and decide which punctuation to choose.  Good luck!

English Main activity:

Have a look at this story board/comic strip of the Easter story.

Have a go at creating your own in your books.

You could make it as simple or as detailed as you like.

  • Maths

Happy Friday! Your 5 a day activity can be found here.  It involves your Maths vocabulary knowledge of numerators and denominators so this video might help if you are finding the activity tricky.

For your times tables game today you will be going fishing! Click hereto play your times tables game now.  You will need to enter your name first by pressing ‘Change user’ and then click ‘3 times table (Y3)’.  You are timed to answer as many questions as possible.

Main activity

Aim: To subtract money

Today you will need to look at the PowerPoint which gives you a few examples very similar to your main activity which can be found here.  You might want to start straight away on Page 2 or do the whole two sheets – remember to write your answers neatly into your book. When you have finished, check your answers using this sheet here.

Again, you might like to use real money/toy money at home to support your learning throughout this topic.

Don’t forget to upload/scan a copy of your completed work by pressing the ‘Upload your Homework Here’ button so that we can see how well you are doing. Have a happy and safe weekend – keep washing your hands too!

Week long activities:

  • Science

Aim: To learn that humans and other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.

Watch the video clip about skeletons and muscles.

Make a poster or a fact file to show what you have learnt about muscles and bones or animals who have skeletons or exoskeletons.

  • Spelling

Spelling Pattern for the week & words to learn:

Words that end with tion (which says the sound ‘shun’)

** Adding ‘tion’ changes a

verb into a noun **

If the root word (verb) ends with ‘t’ or ‘te’ then take it off and add ‘tion’.

create – creation

subtract – subtraction

complete – completion

act – action

inject – injection

invent – invention

inflate – inflation

Words from the Year 3 list:

heard   heart   height

Ms Cleary’s Spelling Group:

Words to learn:









  • Project

Aim: To revise what makes a balanced diet.

First have a look at this powerpoint all about food groups.

Then in your books create your own ‘food group wheel’ – similar to the one on the last page of the powerpoint – to show which types of foods are in each group.

Challenge: Can you design your own balanced meal using what you’ve learnt about the food groups?

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