Week Beginning: 23rd March

Weekly project:

This week, we would like you to create a picture/model of the different layers of the rainforest and the plants and animals that live there.

Here are some picture to give you ideas and here is a website to give you some information: BBC Kids.

It would be so cool if you took picture of it and drop boxed it to us!

Spellings for this week:

Careful, joyful, helpful, happily, slowly, quickly, equipment, settlement, kindness, happiness.


What do humans need to stay healthy?

Read this link, then create a leaflet or poster to inform people about what humans need to stay healthy.


Use the power point for more support.

Can sort the different food types into the correct group?

Link 1

Link 2


  • English-
    Good morning everyone.

Today, I’d like you to watch this clip of the story: The Tin Forest and then this clip of the story: The Kapok Tree.

Use this link to some questions that compare the two texts.  Record your answers in your green English book. Make sure it is neat!

We have been looking at contractions in English. Try out these games:

Game 1

Game 2

How did you get on?

Read and reflect: Today’s 60 second read and questions

  • Maths
Hello Koalas and Wallabies! Here is your five a day

Today you will be learning about pictograms. Please complete this sheet.


Can you create your own pictogram?  Remember, whatever shape you chose to use to represent your pictogram, it must be kept the same throughout.

Your maths game today is to practice your addition skills! Roll the dice twice and add the two digits together. How many calculations can you do in 10 minutes? If you haven’t got a dice, you can use a marble or ball to roll onto the number mat.

Play the game here!


  • English
English Activity: Good morning everyone.

A little morning affirmation for you: You are kind, thoughtful and appreciated.

Today, we would  like you to re watch the story: The Tin Forest

Now, have a look at this link for today’s work.

English Game: We have been looking at contractions in English. This game is tricky. If you played it yesterday, see if you can beat your score!


Read and Reflect: Today’s 60 second read and questions



  • English
English Activity 1. Hey Year 2!

A little affirmation for you: after a storm there is a rainbow.

We hope you got on ok with adapting those sentences from yesterday.


Have a look at this power point about using the apostrophe for possession.

See if you are right with the quiz.


English activity 2: Here are some sentences with apostrophes for possession. Scroll down the page for the answers.
Read and Reflect: Today’s 60 second read and questions.
  • Maths
    Hello year 2!  Today you will have a go at solving some questions involving fractions. You will start by trying to find ½ of different objects.

    Starter: Five a day

    Fraction worksheet


    Use this website to help explain halving.

    Your maths game today is Chopper Squad!

    Can you add one more or one less?

    Can you add ten more or ten less?

    Give it a go!


  • English
English Activity A little morning affirmation for you: You are special and loved.

Click here for today’s activity.

Read and reflect Today’s 60 second read and questions 


  • English
English Warm up game Hello Koalas and Wallabies.

Your daily affirmation: be patient and  kind to yourself.

Enjoy playing this game about adjectives!


English activity Have a go at this handwriting

Now listen to this to help you with ideas to draw your picture.



Read and Reflect: Today’s 60 second read and questions


  • Maths
  • Five a day:

    Today, your maths activity will be to create a fraction poster about ½ and ¼ using materials at home. You can use old cardboard boxes or any plastic and paper. The poster should demonstrate ½ and ¼ with concrete objects. Here is an example  to give you an idea of what it could look like.


    2 times table challenge

    Have a go at the halves and quarters interactive game. How many can you identify?

    Forest school: Can you draw your own layers of a rain forest and find out which animals live there?