We’ve created this page to inspire you to read loads over the Summer! We hope you’ll find new stories to love and new ways of reading to enjoy!

For each week of the Summer Holiday, we will challenge you to find a text that you think is a brilliant example of a quality we are looking for. We will also set you a Staycation Reading Challenge each week. This could be a task to complete or something to design to help improve reading experiences for yourself and other people. 

We will also share with you a short text or extract…just for you to enjoy!

What is the most unusual place that you have read a book in?

Take a picture of yourself reading in a strange place.


by Kevin Crossley-Holland

The short story we want you to read is called Chocolate and is read here by Mrs Cole

Photograph your best expression with an explanation as to why the book made you pull that face!

Share photos of your Reading Challenge here!

If you liked that story try this one: from the book short and Spooky.

There’s even a challenge at the end!

Here is the short story Boo being read here.