We’ve created this page to inspire you to read loads over the Summer! We hope you’ll find new stories to love and new ways of reading to enjoy!

For each week of the Summer Holiday, we will share with you a story we think you will love and some activities you could have a go at to step even further into the story!

We will also share a Staycation Reading Idea of the week for you to have a go at! Please send us your photos when you try them out – we can’t wait to see them!

Here is Mr Warland reading the first two chapters:



The next few chapters of the book! 

Chapter 3: 

Chapter 4: 

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7: 

Chapter 8:

If you enjoyed this, see if you can get the rest on Amazon or from the library.



Have a go at this activity to explore the story even further.

Can you remember any of your dreams?

Perhaps you could draw a picture of what you remember. Or, create a picture of your own dream team characters.  

Have you ever thought about reading under the stars? 

Reading at night with a blanket and some hot chocolate sounds great.

Try it out and send us a photo of you camping out!

Photos of your Staycation Reading Activities!