Help us make our own Looking to the Rainbow video

Help us to make our own video!

You will need:

A phone or tablet to record yourself on;

Another phone, tablet or device with ear phones so you can listen to the track whilst you sing;

The words on a screen if you need them – you could just learn them.

What to do…

Practice with the you tube track.      Set up a device to film yourself portrait.      Play the youtube clip really quietly or through headphones (hide them over your shoulder).    We would like you to clap on the second 4 beat so that we can edit you easily.     Sing clearly to the whole track and look at the camera – try to smile!    Send us your file.

Help and hints…

The video here helps with set up and how to record yourself.  Here’s a brief list of the messages included.

  • Record yourself in Portrait layout;
  • Stand facing the light. (Don’t have a window behind you.)
  • Practice first and if you need them, have the words next to your camera.
  • Use earphones so the backing track can’t be heard or have the volume down VERY low.
  • Count as the music starts – 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3, Clap.
  • Sing clearly and loudly – but don’t shout.
  • Upload your video to the drop box.

Please complete your videos by Tuesday 2nd June - Thank you