-You can use Oxford Owl to view free online e-books.

-Visit Story Online to listen to stories read aloud.

-Y1 Phonics books are available here.

-These Phonics Play games can be used to practice sounding and blending.

Authorfy is a great site where you can take masterclasses with authors who share their books with you. (KS2)

Learning Resource Packs

These two providers are used at St Mary’s to supplement our English and Maths teaching.  They have created resource packs specifically to support schools in delivering the curriculum remotely:

Classroom Secrets

Twinkl  (You can create an account using your email and use the code: UKTWINKLHELPS.)


Below are links to some really useful maths websites. There are lots and lots of fun games, for all age groups, that cover nearly every aspect of the maths curriculum. Even better, most of the games do not require flash player.

  • Oxford Owl -This website has lots of different games all the way from EYFS through to Year 6
  • These websites have lots of different games all the way from EYFS through to Year 6 and separate the games into the different subject area of maths.  Topmarks Maths  and  Mathsplayground.
  • Mathszone have games and activities through from EYFS through to Upper KS2
  • Cool maths and Transum are more for KS2 pupils.
  • If worksheets are you thing, then Maths is fun! is the one for you. It has worksheets from Year 1 through to Year 6 (but some of the activities are Reception friendly)
  • For our youngest children:  -HOW TO USE NUMICON WITH MR KEATING
  • Counting in Multiples using Numicon
  • Timetables  rock stars.   All children have an account for this website.
  • Daily 10 is an arithmetic practice site that you can use to practice maths skills and your level.
PE – Keeping active is important.

-The NHS Change for Life activity ideas here are really good fun!

Why not try some Dance or Yoga workouts.

– Just Dance (There are a few linked here but you can choose from many more on youtube.)

Go noodle is a family dance website that you can do on your own or with all the family.

Cosmic kids is a yoga and story telling activity that you can find on youtube.

Mindfulness Yoga.

-The Body Coach 5 minute kids work out 

Year 2 and 6 SATs support links:

-This Y2 resource can be used to explore all of the tests Y2 have at the end of the year.  You will need an email account to register but that will give you access to lots of resources to practice key skills.

-Here is a link to the Y6 Learning Hub. This has lots of Show Me videos that you can use to practice maths learning.

-This is a brilliant Y6 resource where maths Reasoning skills are taught and explained.  If you choose to complete a whole past paper there are youtube links to show you how to solve the problems.

-These are Grammar tests explained.  Choose a paper: 2017 or 2018

A couple of other things…

-Why not keep up to date or write a report based on something you’ve head on Newsround.

-How about listening to a little classical music? Which instruments can you hear?

-Check out the live cams that Edinburgh zoo have added to their website.


We know that you will all be exercising safely during our home learning time.


I hope you have all been keeping active. Look back at all the other websites and ideas that we have
already given you and if you haven’t already, get active and involved.

Here are some more resources for you to have a look at!

Click here.


Here are some ideas from Forest School to help you keep active this week.

Click here.



There are lots of great ideas out there to keep yourself fit and active. You should already have access
to the schools game site and its challenges as well as English netball. This week there are some great
activities in Youth Sport England. So no excuses get off the couch; have a break from work and get

We have registered as a school, though you should just be able to access
the resources anyway.



Here is a link from England Schools netball.

They have got lots of ideas and practical things to do if you sign up and register.

Keep being active, it helps with our all- round mental and physical well-being.



Mr Jenkin’s guide to some useful websites that you may want to access over the next few weeks.


This is a guide to logging on to the Birmingham School Games Challenges portal.

Try out this striking activity.

This is the Premier league Primary Stars site with some great resources for home learning and activities to keep body and mind active and healthy as does the Red cross site.

21.05.20 Forest School wands and Story Telling.

13.05.20 Make Music outside. 

11.05.20 More fun with balloons

Same skills as table tennis, but using balloons, which you can make more challenging by altering the size of the balloon and the area of the table used.

06.05.20   Sock challenge.
This is another one to have a go at. Rather like my attempt with rolled up newspaper and clingfilm, though more likely to have a couple of socks around. I think his video presentation might be a bit more professional than mine! See what you think.

04.05.20:   Balloon Games
These are great fun and like all the activities, it works on your hand eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills, i.e. fingers, hands and big muscles!
First activity is just keeping the balloon off the ground for as long as possible using as many different body parts as possible.
If you have got someone to play against or can get sides sorted out, everyone can play a game together for seated volleyball. As you get better try and use the correct technique and then only three hits on each side before it has to go to the opposition and no hitting it twice in a row! Unless playing on own or singles.

27.04.20: Mr Jenkins has a couple of videos here for you to try at home…  Practise your ball skills indoors.        Practise your ball skills in the garden.  He also found this article which might help you to explore nature whilst you are excising.

Here is a link to Sport Birmingham, if you need some more ideas and challenges about keeping up your health and fitness levels up, try it out.

Here is an easy game to play indoors, that helps with co-ordination and those fine motor skills that we all need to work on! Watch the video for an explanation from Mr J.

This game is a bit more technically demanding and again it’s good for your hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills, as well as being a challenging and fun game to play inside. You can practice on your own or challenge another household member.
Remember if you don’t complete any of the stages, its back to the beginning, if you are on your own or give the coin to your opposition for their go if you’re playing with a partner!
I have found that 2p is the best coin, but have a go with different ones.  You could challenge yourself further by seeing if you could do it with a 5p. Let me know how you get on! Good Luck and keep active!

Here is a message from Mr Jenkins with a challenge for us all to try out…

There are also other activity ideas: have a go at designing your own Stickman or maybe build a den!

And here are some Forest School Learning ideas that you can try at home!


-Try out Code for Life to play games and develop your coding skills! is a US site where you can practice Computing skills too.

Not sure which resource to try?

Have a read of these reviews by Year 6 to help you decide what to have a go at next!