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Term Dates

St Mary’s CofE Primary School Term Dates (September 2016 – July 2018)

2016 – 2017

School Terms

Autumn 1: Tue 6th September – Fri 21st October
Autumn 2: Tue 1st November – Fri 16th December
Spring 1: Wed 4th January – Fri 17th February
Spring 2: Mon 27th February – Fri 7th April
Summer 1: Mon 24th April – Fri 26th May
Summer 2: Mon 5th June – Fri 21st July

The school is closed on the following dates for staff training:

Monday 5th September
Monday 31st October
Tuesday 3rd January
Monday 24th July
Tuesday 25th July

The school is also likely to be closed on 4th May 2017 due to local elections, we will be able to confirm this nearer the time.

If your child is currently in Year 5 please note that the test week for the 2017 Year 6 Sats is the week beginning Monday 8th May.

2017 – 2018

School Terms

Autumn 1: Wed 6th September – Fri 20th October
Autumn 2: Mon 30th October – Fri 22nd December
Spring 1: Tues 9th January – Fri 16th February
Spring 2: Mon 26th February – Thurs 29th March
Summer 1: Mon 16th April – Fri 25th May
Summer 2: Mon 4th June – Fri 20th July

The provisional staff training days (where school will be closed) are:

Monday 4th September
Tuesday 5th September
Monday 8th January
Monday 23rd July
Tuesday 24th July

(These will be confirmed in Spring 2017)

You can download a PDF version here:  |  Download Term Dates PDF