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Sport Premium

Impact of Sport Premium Grant (2016/17)

School Priorities 2016/17
The school was allocated approximately £9,180 for the academic year. Prior to notification, the school conducted an audit of current provision in order to identify areas of greatest need.

Download the PE and Sports Funding Report 2017 2018 Report.

The following priorities have been identified for development:

Supporting the teaching of PE by the NQT group through a structured programme of CPD

  • Teachers were provided with the opportunity to specify the level of expertise they had in all areas of the PE curriculum; to identify their levels of confidence in each of these and to specify the professional development they required.
  • A structured programme of support was arranged and implemented. This took the form of joint planning, team teaching and observation of practice in response to the specific needs identified by each teacher.
  • The programme was delivered by a teacher with a PE specialism and a track record of teaching PE lessons of high quality. Sport Premium funds have been used to partly fund the salary of this member of staff with a proportionate part of their timetable allocated to support staff through this programme.

Enhanced provision through of extra-curricular sporting activities.

  • The school continued to expand the opportunities it offers for children to participate in competitive sport within and beyond the school day.
  • The school now has teams in the following sports: rugby, cricket, football, netball, cross-country, gymnastics, golf and rounders. They compete against schools from the local area and across the city.
  • The school also provides extra-curricular clubs in these sports and in Dance and Gymnastics.
  • The provision of these activities is overseen by the school’s PE specialist.
  • The school developed a partnership with Aston Villa Football Club and Warwickshire County Cricket Club to provide high-quality curriculum provision in each of these sports and to provide high-quality extra-curricular clubs after school. Teachers gained much from observing and participating in the taught sessions and take-up rates were high for the extra-curricular activity.


  • The quality of PE teaching has improved within the group with the staff who have been supported showing greater confidence and expertise in teaching the subject.
  • The number of children participating in competitive sport has increased significantly and has done much to increase their confidence, self-esteem, fitness and skill levels.
  • The profile of sport within the school is very high and success celebrated and valued within the community.

Next Steps:

  • The PE specialist will continue to be non-class based for the 2017/2018 academic year and will deliver a programme of support to develop the skills of teachers from this date. For this year, there will be a particular focus on developing the practice of two Newly Qualified teachers who joined the school in September 2017.
  • The programme of extra-curricular provision will continue to be maintained and may expand its range.
  • The school will continue to develop its use of off-site facilities through use of local playing fields (in partnership with a local trust) and a growing partnership with the University of Birmingham School and the University of Birmingham itself.

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Download PE and Sports Funding Report 2017-18
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