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What is a Register of Interests

A Register of Interests is a record kept, usually by a government body, of financial interests of its members. The register documents interests which may potentially unethically or unlawfully influence members’ official duties.

St Mary’s CofE Primary School: Register of Interests (2019/20)

Name of Governor Designation Interests
Governance Business and Financial Relationships to governors or school staff
Mr G Fage


Foundation Owner of St Mary’s Church Kidz Club.
Mr P Larkin


Rev J Adams Foundation


Member of the Clergy at St Mary’s Church.
Mrs M Cutler


Mr L Wright


Foundation Member of non-teaching staff at St Mary’s CofE Primary School.
Mr T Oliver


Mrs S Down


Mrs G Davies


Miss S Domagala


Staff: Teacher
Ms Jing Wang




Trustee of Modera Mingham Chinese Language School
Mr D Shaw


Mr S Smith


Mr B Warland


Staff: Associate
Mrs N Chapman


Clerk Provides clerking services to other schools both within and beyond Birmingham LA.

You can download a copy of the information here:

Download GB Register of Interests