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What is a Register of Interests

A Register of Interests is a record kept, usually by a government body, of financial interests of its members. The register documents interests which may potentially unethically or unlawfully influence members’ official duties.

St Mary’s CE Primary School: Governing Body Register of Business Interests (2017/18)

Name of Governor Designation Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Entry
Mr J Abbott Foundation Architecture Practice n/a September 2017
Mr P Larkin Co-opted Facilities Management n/a September 2017
Mrs S Earley Co-opted NHS n/a September 2017
Mr D Shaw Co-opted Education Careers Development (Skills) September 2017
Mr G Fage Foundation Childcare Owner of business that is used mainly by parents at the school September 2017
Rev J Cox Foundation Religious Worship Vicar at local church September 2017
Mrs S Down Parent Education Teacher at a local school December 2016
Ms S Stallard Foundation ICT n/a November 2016
Mrs E Shore Staff: Teaching Education Teacher at the school September 2017
Mr L Wright Staff: Support Education Site Manager at the school September 2017
Mr S Smith Headteacher Education

September 2017
Mr B Warland (Associate) Deputy Headteacher Education

September 2017

Staff Interests (only those who have declared an interest are listed)

Name of Staff Member Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Entry
Mrs J Thompson Lynne Dallaway – Speech and Language therapist Speech and Language Therapy service for schools Sister provides the school with 0.5 days of SLT per week. November 2016
Mrs E Shore RSS Electrical Services Electrical maintenance services Husband has supplied the school with electrical services work. December 2016

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