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FOSM | Friends of St Mary’s

The Friends of St Mary’s or FOSM are a small group of parents, teachers and carers who volunteer in various ways throughout the year to support the children of St Mary’s. We organise several fun events for the children and local community including Christmas and summer fairs, discos, cake sales and raffles. We love to get as many people involved as possible, including the pupils, to create positive experiences and a sense of community spirit centred around the school.

Many of our activities are also fund raising activities and every penny of the money raised feeds directly back into the school to support the learning experience. Children and teachers within the school are all given the opportunity to suggest ideas for how to spend the money. This can range from small items such as rainy play games to much larger items like the scooter park in the infant playground.

We usually meet 2-3 times each term to plan our next projects and all are welcome at these meetings to share ideas, volunteer or to give feedback on past events. We appreciate modern life and its many pressures and any amount of help is greatly appreciated and valued. If you are interested in contributing in any way please join us at a meeting or get in touch through a committee member.

You can email us here: enquiry@stmryb29.bham.sch.uk

Sarah,  Saira, Dee, & Nina

Treasurer: Alex

Secretary: Debbie


You can call Sarah on: 0770 307 0039

or email us here: enquiry@stmryb29.bham.sch.uk