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O God, bless our school,
All who work, all who learn and all who teach here.
Grant that as we grow in knowledge
So also we may grow in love.
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Welcome to St Mary ‘s CofE Primary School and thank you for visiting our website.

Our school prayer captures the very essence of our work and provides us with the clear guidance we need as we seek to build on our Christian foundation. The school was established in 1860 by the Church of England and provides a friendly, caring and happy environment where children feel confident and fully engaged with their learning.

We are situated in the Selly Oak area of Birmingham and the close proximity of our school to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the University of Birmingham and Selly Oak Colleges gives us the opportunity to admit children from many parts of the world. This strong international influence enriches our school community considerably.

Our expectations of one another are high. We make every effort to meet these by creating a stimulating, challenging and happy learning environment. We focus on all aspects of a child’s development and believe that they receive the best quality of education when the whole school community is working together in partnership.

Our children achieve well during their time here. In recent years, those who have left the school at the age of 11 have done so with standards of achievement that are higher than those found nationally and they leave well-prepared for their secondary education. Our strong emphasis on personal and spiritual development complements this academic rigour by providing our pupils with the skills and values needed to make a valuable contribution to our wider society.

Our motto “Bringing out the best in each other” underpins all aspects of our work and can be seen every day throughout the school. If you would like to see this in action, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Mr S Smith